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news Delta to cancel order for 18 Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft Boeing
gaming Enjoying Choplifter on my 1979 Apple II. Brought it into my 10th Grade Computer Science class and the students were pretty impressed. Apple
gaming My local McDonald's still has Nintendo 64 after over 15 years McDonald's
Showerthoughts After using Google for a million times, I still don't know the color order of their logo. Google
AskReddit What is your Uber Rider Rating? Uber
funny You're Not Google ... Google
Showerthoughts The Beats by Dre logo is literally the Target logo with one extra line to make the "b". Target
AskReddit What are some good hobbies you can get a 13 year old into to stop them from playing Xbox all day long? Xbox
worldnews Have more famous people died in 2016? - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL that in 2014 the United States saw almost 40% more deaths from opioid overdoses than from car accidents. United
AskReddit Take a religious quote, put it through Google Translate 10 times, and read this quote. This is a quote from your new religion. What is it called? Google
videos We gave our cousins our Xbox One for xmas. Their reaction made my day! Xbox
Showerthoughts In general, I've found to be more accurate when I want lyrics than the Google Play lyrics Google
personalfinance How to get Wells Fargo to remove me from joint account. Wells Fargo
AskReddit What are the best phone VR games/Apps for something like Gear VR or Google Cardboard? Google
movies It only made sense to do this. RIP Carrie Fisher. Credit to Neil Bernard of the Facebook Group Movie Set Memes, not me. Facebook
news 'Middle age health crisis' warning - BBC News BBC
Futurology The rise of the robots? An article from the BBC that provides a summary with links about the rise of automation and its effects BBC
mildlyinteresting Justin Bieber look-alike at Target returns desk Target
videos Duck and Cover: A social guidance film produced in 1951 by the United States Defense Branch shortly after the Soviet Union began nuclear testing. United
Jokes The love affair between Carrie Fischer & Harrison Ford is over.... Ford
funny Popped up on Facebook earlier.... Facebook
science Amazing science stories from 2016 - BBC News BBC
worldnews Orwellian: Germany Considers Fining Facebook $522,000 Per Fake News Item Facebook
todayilearned TIL There were 14 "presidents" prior to George Washington's presidency. It was mainly a ceremonial position, with its primary role being a moderator during debates in Congress. It had no relation to the office of President of the United States. United
AskReddit What do you mostly use Twitter for? Twitter
gaming My Smoking Xbox One Xbox
gaming An achievement unheard of by most BF1 players on Xbox One... Xbox
Showerthoughts When you realize that most celebrities are more scared that MTV will expose them rather than the FBI MTV
aww I see your Lego cat and raise you mine! Lego
todayilearned TIL: Some McDonald's in Australia are called Macca's McDonald's
gifs TrackingPoint system combined with Google Glass Google
aww I see your Lego cat and raise you mine! Lego
AskReddit Why Does the United States Have 3 different ages for consent, legal adulthood and drinking? United
gaming Fallout Inspired Xbox Controller custom made by me Xbox
Showerthoughts The NFL should establish an "And One" rule where if someone gets a TD while receiving a penalty, they get one extra point. TD
movies Amazon and Google offer 99¢ movie rentals thru January 27, 2017 Google
funny My son could only find this cactus my wife wanted for her birthday on eBay where the seller promised a detailed manual with care instructions. This is what we got. Now to see if it blooms this spring as promised... eBay
science A new report indicates LGBT people are disproportionately incarcerated in the United States. Researchers also discovered that sexual minorities were more likely to be mistreated and sexually assaulted in jails and prisons. United
AskReddit What childhood thoughts/memories did you have of the McDonald's characters? McDonald's
videos The Truth About the McDonald's Coffee Lawsuit McDonald's
personalfinance I've saved up £11,000 in the United Kingdom United
gaming Need For Speed Nissan GT R Premium 2017 Nissan
pics I risked my life to take this pic of a Land Rover deep in hibernation. OC Ashton, Idaho Land Rover
Music Emerson, Lake, and Palmer - "Take A Pebble" prog/jazz We have lost Keith Emerson and Greg Lake in 2016. Enjoy this, their most beautiful song, recorded live at the peak of their powers in 1971. RIP. Emerson
AskReddit You go to the electronics store and see that someone has not logged out of Facebook on a computer. What do you write on their wall? Facebook
videos Corey Feldman's 1976 McDonald's Christmas Commercial McDonald's
pics Star Wars Lego People Lego
funny The New Apple Macbook Pro Will Have An All New Redesigned "Keyboard" Apple
funny This McDonald's sign stuttered. McDonald's
worldnews Delta to cancel order for 18 Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft Boeing
gaming Is anyone else having issues connecting with xbox live on forza horizon 1 on the Xbox one? Multiplayer and the design marketplace work fine on my 360, but it won't connect on my Xbox one. Xbox
space China is going to beat the United States back to the Moon United
todayilearned TIL that a guy named Birdseye invented a technique to freeze food in 1923. His new company went bankrupt, but determined, he improved his process, and got 2 more patents! In 1927, he sold his company to Goldman Sachs for $22 million! Goldman Sachs
personalfinance 14yo Getting into Bitcoin, but I can't link a Paypal account as paypal doesn't offer accounts to under 18 Paypal
AskReddit Which popular Youtube channel makes amazing content? Youtube
videos The world's biggest lemon battery - Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2016: BBC Four BBC
AskReddit SeriousRedditors,why you keep coming back to Facebook when you know there's nothing? Facebook
WritingPrompts WP On the morning of January 1, 2017; the entirety of the United States of America is transported back in time to January 1, 1500. United
videos How To Masturbate Funny Yahoo Questions Yahoo
funny How To Masturbate Funny Yahoo Questions Yahoo
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why does using Google DNS unblock blocked porn? Google
AskReddit When Nike says " Just do it" What exactly do you do? Nike
worldnews ‘Fake news’ link to 2015 bombing activates Facebook safety check for Thailand Facebook
worldnews South Korea fines Qualcomm $854 mln for violating competition laws Qualcomm
food For Christmas/my birthday dinner, I ate "Prime" ribeye steak with horseradish au jus, garlic mashed potatoes, and grilled asparagus from Asado Seafood and Grill in San Antonio, TX . . . au
Showerthoughts I hope Harrison Ford is okay. Ford
funny Alexa and okay Google have a nice conversation Google
Jokes So Mike Tyson came to dinner. Tyson
AskReddit How do you make Xfinity X1 even better? Xfinity
pics Cat on a cold tiled roof - BBC News BBC
worldnews What lies in store for the world in 2017? - BBC News BBC
worldnews Bangladesh factories sack 1,500 after garment worker protests - BBC News BBC
dataisbeautiful The Most and Least Dangerous Counties in the United States OC United
explainlikeimfive ELI5: That Weird Apple Christmas Commercial's Meaning/Point. Apple
OldSchoolCool Carrie Fisher with Harrison Ford 1970s Ford
funny 2016 Victoria's Secret Show Victoria's Secret
science Anticholinergic medications, a class of drugs very commonly used by older adults, are linked to an increased rate of emergency department and hospital utilization in the United States United
worldnews 'Middle age health crisis' warning - BBC News BBC
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why is Google translate and others so bad at translating? Google
gaming Love that the screws inside the PS4 have the Sony PS symbols on them. Sony
todayilearned TIL Henry Ford pursued the gasoline-powered automobile after receiving encouragement from his employer and boyhood idol, Thomas Edison. Ford
todayilearned TIL back in 1999 the United Nations proposed a global tax on every email sent United
movies Brendan Fraser is trending up on Google with all the Reddit commotion link to graph Google
AskReddit What pupular Youtube channel makes absolute shit content? Youtube
pics Jalousie slums in Pétionville, in the suburbs of Port au Prince, Haiti Photo by Yann-Arthus Bertrand au
AskReddit Reddit, what would Apple name their VR headset? Apple
videos Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens – United States Championship Match United
worldnews Dutch IVF centre probes suspected sperm mix-up - BBC News BBC
worldnews Russia plane crash: Data recorder 'reveals faulty wing flaps to blame' - BBC News BBC
gaming My first ever experience with VR PSVR: Playstation VR Worlds: Ocean Descent Playstation
news Australia's Coogee beach bans alcohol after Christmas party - BBC News BBC
gifs Seeing celebrity names on the Facebook "Trending" panel got me like... Facebook
worldnews Syria conflict: Turkey and Russia 'agree ceasefire plan' - BBC News BBC
videos The Most Furious Police Chase 2016- Police pursuit of a drug dealer in a truck Chase
gaming Best Gaming Deals Of The Week: Xbox One, PS4, PC Xbox
explainlikeimfive ELI5: why are some people naturally creative, and able to contribute novel techniques to their industry of choice I.e musicians, Michelin chefs, chess players while other struggle their entire life to just maintain a set standard? Michelin
mildlyinteresting Apparently Pepsi learned nothing from the McDonald's lawsuit. Sorry for potato pic McDonald's
mildlyinteresting Apparently Pepsi learned nothing from the McDonald's lawsuit. Sorry for potato pic Pepsi
videos [“Everywhere" AT&T Commercial. Features numerous pop culture references including Seinfeld, GoT, Back To The Future, Ghostbusters and tons more.](
gaming Heroin introduced by Bayer pharmaceutical company Bayer
explainlikeimfive ELI5: What is the difference between the Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects? Adobe
AskReddit Which popular Youtube channel makes awful content? Youtube
Futurology The rise of the robots? - BBC News BBC
funny What a misleading sign. I thought there was Bud Light in this aisle. Bud Light
AskReddit Which Youtube Channels with under 15k subs do you regularly watch? Youtube
Futurology The New Cas9? Scientists Discover CasX and CasY Enzymes in Bacteria Discover
AskReddit What is your craziest Uber experience? Uber
pics This was the most appropriate 50th follower on Twitter in 2016. Maybe in the history of Twitter. Twitter
worldnews Israel postpones vote on new Jerusalem settlement homes - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Serious What are the Xbox Achievements for a modern life? Xbox
AskReddit Which popular Youtube channel makes awful content? Youtube
AskReddit If you had the chance to be President of the United States or a Pokemon master which would you pick? United
gaming ps4 or Xbox one s Xbox
movies The 100 greatest films of all time, as chosen by 358 directors including Woody Allen, Quentin Tarantino, the Dardenne brothers, Guillermo del Toro, Martin Scorsese, Olivier Assayas, Michael Mann, Francis Ford Coppola, Mike Leigh and Aki Kaurismäki Ford
todayilearned TIL The record for most passengers ever carried by a commercial airliner is 1,088, by an El Al Boeing 747 during Operation Solomon, which involved the evacuation of Ethiopian Jews from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and started on 24 May 1991. This figure included two babies born on the flight. Boeing
AskReddit Which is better, the Xbox or the PlayStation? Xbox
worldnews Trump tells Israel 'to stay strong' - BBC News BBC
videos Guy explains why KFC has lost its way, and how to regain its former glory KFC
pics Wow, this is worthy of printing and placing over my bed. Thanks Google Photos Google
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Does the Amazon Echo or Google Home actually record everything it hears? Google
funny This defaced McDonald's drive thru sign. McDonald's
OldSchoolCool Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford 1980s Ford
Showerthoughts There are probably a lot of famous, foreign people who talk like Mike Tyson but I'll never know because I don't speak their language. Tyson
gaming Got my first Xbox and HDTV. Both secondhand and older, but for me they are perfect! Bring on the sleepless nights! Xbox
AskReddit What is baddest thing you did on Facebook that you regret the most? Facebook
news Dylann Roof Tells Judge He Won't Call Witnesses or Present Evidence to Try to Spare His Life for Church Massacre - ABC News ABC
food Food for Space Travelers - NASA on the development of Astronaut Cuisine MISC Travelers
EarthPorn A few minutes prior to golden hour down the coast in Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach, CA brought some nice natural light OC 6016x4016 Newport
todayilearned TIL that the United States, which are 50.8% female, has not had a female president for 227 years United
AskReddit Why is Target so popular with Women? Target
personalfinance Question regarding max contributions for Vanguard Target Retirement Fund. Target
television Hulu announces multi-year licensing deal with Walt Disney Studios to bring more than 50 films to the streaming service Walt Disney
worldnews A fake news story on Facebook turned a legitimate safety alert in Bangkok into a bomb scare Facebook
dataisbeautiful Drug use and Crime Stats - Netherlands Compared With The United States United
space Food for Space Travelers - NASA on the Development of Astronaut Cuisine Travelers
pics Reddit was here. Found last night at my local Target store. Target
Showerthoughts It should be gift etiquette to pre-build Lego sets over 50 pieces when gifting to a child under the age of 5. Lego
worldnews Berlin truck attack: Tunisian 'linked to Anis Amri' held - BBC News BBC
funny Reddit was here. Found last night at my local Target store. Target
WritingPrompts WP People are only allowed to use cars specific to their driving skill. You; an accomplished Le Mans driver are given a beige Fiat Multipla. Fiat
Art Fantasy Ford Model Ts, 3D, Medium Ford
Documentaries Crash and Live 1956 - The Safety Features of Ford Motor Company Cars in the 1950's Ford
Jokes What are the similarities between an Xbox and Michael Jackson. Xbox
listentothis Johannes Bornlöf - And The Sky Shall Unfold 2 Epic/Build Music/Orchestral 2016 Sky
EarthPorn Looking out over Phoenix, AZ. from Camel back Mountain. OC 6537 × 2241 Camel
Futurology Murder detectives sought Amazon Echo data - BBC News BBC
TwoXChromosomes Most Low-Wage Workers in the United States Are Women, Study Finds United
worldnews Argentina: Protesters stone President Macri's car - BBC News BBC
Showerthoughts The BBC should dedicate an episode of Planet Earth to urban wildlife. BBC
gifs Heron nails a Namaqua Dove coming to drink Dove
worldnews Dylann Roof: Charleston shooter won't offer evidence to spare life - BBC News BBC
news TSA to Notify Travelers of Upcoming 2018 Real ID Airport Enforcement Travelers
gaming What are some of the best Xbox One games with great story lines? Not necessarily looking for multiplayer, but that would be a bonus! Xbox
AskReddit Where does the idea that people on Reddit have of BMW drivers being assholes come from? Is this a UK thing? BMW
worldnews Nigeria's Sultan of Sokoto rejects gender equality bill - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL Gatorade was named after the University of Florida's college football team - the Gators Gatorade
gaming Intense Gaming Rig - Asus Gtx 980Ti, 64Gb Corsair Ram, Intel i7 3.4 HexaCore Hyper-threaded Processor, Two 256Gb SSD's In Raid for Mac OS, One 512Gb SSD for W10, 6TB WD HD for games, Corsair H110i Water Cooler, 3 Corsair HD120 Led fans, 1000 Watt PSU, Asus x79 Motherboard, Intel
worldnews Kerry defends US decision not to veto UN condemnation of Israeli settlements. “I am compelled to respond today that the United States did in fact vote in accordance with our values,” Kerry said of UN security council resolution United
Showerthoughts A Google search for "best SEO company" always returns 100% accurate results Google
gaming I found a Refurbished Wii U on eBay for $35 and the seller has a 100% Positive Feedback, do you think it's legit? Should I buy it? eBay
funny After watching Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States in Netflix. United
gaming My Xbox 360 has cooling issues? Xbox
news 'You Don'€™t Deserve to Have a Son’: Pennsylvania Mom Posted Suicide Note on Facebook Before Killing Baby, Herself Facebook
OldSchoolCool My great great grandparents and their children, shortly after immigrating to the United States, 1901. United
Showerthoughts I get more excitement shopping for jobs on Linkedin than I do regular shopping on Amazon. Linkedin
gaming [POKEMON GO pokemon go 2016
explainlikeimfive ELI5:The recent Youtube "mail yourself" trend; is it even possible to spend 24hrs all cramped up in a box without injury? Youtube
pics Night Sky at Joshua Tree National Park Sky
gaming 360 game on the Xbox 1 help Xbox
gaming Hey I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, but I've been trying to find drivers for my Xbox One controller.. Xbox
funny A picture of my nephew was posted on Facebook today, all I could see was this Facebook
todayilearned TIL that between 1940 and 1996, more than 11% of the total United States federal budget was spent on nuclear weapons. United
pics "Quiet Companions": A Man and his horse during a desert sunrise in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates United
AskReddit With all the Youtube videos using clickbait claiming to be “Life Changing” which ones are actually “Life Changing?" Youtube
pics Custom artwork on my Xbox One S! Xbox
worldnews Kerry to Israel: We support you but can't defend ‘right-wing’ agenda. In a hard-hitting speech, the secretary of state says ‘My job above all is to defend the United States of America’ United
AskReddit Why does McDonald's coke taste so much better than any other coke? McDonald's
worldnews Election hacking: US senators call for sanctions on Russia - BBC News BBC
dataisbeautiful The Most and Least Dangerous Counties in the United States United
funny Searched for boobies on Google .. Google let me down 😢 Google
personalfinance Researching High Yield savings accounts. Deciding between Ally, Barclays, Barclays Dream and Discover, any thoughts/suggestions? Barclays
gaming OC Canon sniper 270m kill Canon
Jokes I tried to sell my old dogging stuff on eBay this week, without success. eBay
mildlyinteresting My friends gross shake drink. Apple for scale. Apple
AskReddit Which do you prefer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox? Google
DIY Does Home Depot or Lowe's cut wood into certain shapes? Lowe's
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[Table] IAmA: We are American Hard Rock band SEVENDUST! Ask us anything.

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Date: 2014-11-04
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Questions Answers
Hey guys. From the outside, it looks like using PledgeMusic to fund the last album was a huge success. PledgeMusic was a huge success - i know it's cliche to say, but we have the greatest family of fans on the planet. The Pledge campaign for the record proved that.
How did your use of crowdfunding impact the way you make music? Will you use crowdfunding for the next album?? As far as the next record goes, we're not going to do anything like we've done before - we're finalizing all the details now and will announce soon - M.
What is your advice for aspiring songwriters? Try to cover different territory. If you find yourself writing something you've heard before - it's been done before. It's OK to be influenced by other music but don't plagiarise other music. You'll know deep down inside when it feels right ;) - C.
Lajon, you are quite emotional on stage. What are you experiencing as you perform? I think about life and I think about the songs and when we wrote them - they take me to a time and. I love songs that sometimes can break your heart but in a good. Sorry i get emotional.
Hey brothers! How do you guys feel about the bus VIP on this tour? I will be on it in Jacksonville and was wondering how ya felt about opening your on the road home? I'm pretty excited about it. We've done a few of em before, but not like this. It's always a little cooler and a little more personal. - J.
And we love that you guys wanna clean up the bus for us!!! haha PARTY ON - V.
Any good Pantera stories that come to mind? They followed us around for 4 days while we were on tour in Texas. They were driving their own tour bus!! We just fucked with each other for a week hahaha - M.
What are your plans after this final leg of the acoustic tour? We have time off with our families, NYE show in vegas and then we're going to do a new record. Shiprocked early 2015 as well. But we're done headlining for awhile. - C.
How do you guys feel about streaming sites like Spotify? Good, Bad, Indifferent? I like the convenience of it. But I don't like their payout structure to artists. -J.
It's great for sampling new music but I always buy my records. -C.
Seen you a bunch in concert. You always put on a great show. What's been your favorite venue? This is a hard one for me - but i'll say red rocks in Colorado - J.
It's hard to answer this question. it's more about the crowd that shows up than the room we're playing in - V.
Have you guys considered accepting bitcoin as a form of payment for your albums and concerts? Keep on rockin'! 1530 bits changetip. We haven't considered bitcoin per se, but we'll have to check it out. I've heard some stuff about that. We don't control the ticket sales at the concerts so you'd have to ask venues that we play!
How well did you know Lynn Strait? He was a good buddy of mine. Snot was one of the first bands Sevendust saw and we stayed tight. Miss him everyday - he was a true brother. - LJ.
Hello John, Clint... I'm playing PRS SE Angelus guitars - the people at PRS are amazing. Some basic effects on the floor for both John and I. - C.
What are your current acoustic guitar rigs for this tour? Dean Acoustics all around for me - J.
Any of you fantasy football fans? What's your favorite NFL team and why? Some of us have played fantasy football in the past but nothing to report. My team is the Bucs and Vinnie is a huge Falcons fan. - M.
Do you prefer large venues with big crowds or smaller, more intimate venues, and why? It really depends on the audience - an amazing audience in a small club with energy can beat a weak audience in a huge arena anyday!! - V.
How many guitar track were used for the song "Black" ? Nine thousand million - V.
Not many actually...honestly, I think 4 rhythm tracks and the solo on the original version - J.
What were you doing Saturday night when you heard about Wayne? RIP Wayne Static, evil disco king. I was watching the Bulldogs/Gators game. Totally devastated us. Wayne was such an great guy. We all were texting as soon as we heard - J.
What band have you most enjoyed touring with up to this point in your careers? We've told every band we've ever toured with that they're our favorite to tour with. We'll leave it at that!! haha - C.
At this point you guys are kind of the "old" guys on the block...are there any up and coming bands that you guys draw inspiration from? Dokken and Krokus, Saxon and Deep Purple - V.
Northlane, Periphery, Gary Clark Jr. - C.
Northlane - M.
Tremonti - J.
Rival Sons is one for me - LJ.
Salut guys, I like your music and think your awesome, silly question for everyone, what was your favourite gig you've ever played, and what's the most embarassing story you have from the road? Kiss from France!! Walking off the front of the stage while opening for Metallica is pretty damn embarrassing!! My fav gig was probably in Warsaw, Poland. - J.
Passing out on Shiprocked 2012. - V.
If this rock band stuff doesn't work out for you guys, what would be your next job? :) Marine Biologist - J.
Astronaut - V.
Full Time Daddy - LJ.
We're not rockstars haha. Construction worker - C.
Hey guys! What do you think was the most difficult song to write? Angel's Son and The Wait - both were very tough to write and both are still tough to play... - LJ.
Lajon, how are you enjoying living in Kansas City? I LOVE IT. Can't wait to get back home from tour...hopefully it won't be snowing!!! - LJ.
With the current saturation of bands, what do you feel is the best way to get noticed? Write an amazing song. Have an undeniable live show. Period. And don't listen to Gene Simmons - J.
What do you prefer? Tacos or burritos? Tacos - J.
Soft bean burrito!! - LJ.
Any chance of a UK tour anytime soon? We'll be touring worldwide 2015/2016 for sure. It's long overdue. - C.
What's your favorite food while touring? Fried chicken, cathead biscuits and sawmill gravy. Its all ya need - V.
What kind of cars do you guys drive? LJ has a nice collection - check out his instagram @ljspoon - J.
What are your favourite cereal brands? Captain Crunch - LJ.
Coco Pebbles - J.
Raisin Bran Crunch - C.
Is there any woman in rock hotter than Maria Brink?! Seriously! Just saw ITM last night in Denver, what a knock out! Maria is amazing! We love In This Moment and their crew is one of the best in the business. - M.
What would Clint do for a Klondike bar? ;) Lol see you guys Sunday I'd french kiss Mike Tyson for sure. Then I'd trade it for a twin - C.
I'm ordering a pizza tonight and would like to say I'm eating sevendust style. What toppings fellas? GROUND BEEF, ONIONS, PEPPERONI, GREEN PEPPERS, MUSHROOMS AND JALAPENOS!!! - V.
What was your "Holy shit, we made it." moment? Also, are you guys coming back through VA, specifically the NorVa? I still think we have tons more to do - LJ.
Love y'all to death. Favorite band since high school, and it was awesome meeting you guys in 2012. I think Woodstock 99 was the moment for me. What an amazing show. -M.
Can we expect a new setlist for the November run? Yes - we're playing all Dokken and Krokus covers - V.
Is there a city/area that you refuse to play? There is no such place!!! Maybe North Korea?! - M.
Kim Jong Un welcomes you if you bring Rodman with you. We'll do it if Rodman makes it happen. - J.
What kind of tempo can we expect from the next record? Depends on who you ask!! It'll be heavy for sure. - J.
What's up with the free show at Hammerstein & the dvd you were filming? Luv u guys! Seen ya more than any other band. :) DVD is temporarily on hold, but we're hoping for sometime in 2015 to get it done!! - M.
Morgan, I'm in debt to you for your skills on the drums. I'd never been much of a critical listener of music till I started listening to 7D. Who are some of your other favorite drummers that I need to pay more attention too? There are SO many...start with John Bonham and work your way to the current guys. Thomas Pridgen and Matt Halpern come to mind. - M.
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