Here's what a Bitcoin address does (and why you shouldn't ...

Total noobie, I created a MtGox account (not verified) how can I know what my bitcoin address is?

Is it possible? Is there any other way to get an address to receive bitcoin? Thank you in advance.
Edit: I got an address via (1GhAatiFiTJsDWrbW5JvzeB84iMeVjqTht) Still confused about everything, though. Edit: corrected url
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I accidentally sent Litecoin to my Bitcoin address. What should I do?

Last day accidentally I sent my Litecoin from Binance account to Coinbase Bitcoin wallet address.
The bitcoin wallet address started by 3
Unfortunately, the withdraw is confirmed I got Tx. I checked that tx in Bitcoin Network but there is not exist that Tx. But the Tx exist in Litecoin network but my fun is transferred to an address which is started by M
I checked my wrong Bitcoin address in
and I saw my the Bitcoin address converted that litecoin address where my fund is transferred.
Now, Can I get back fund? Who can help me to get back my fund Binance or Coinbase?
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Accidentally sent bitcoin to wrong address - what are my options?

I recognize this was my own stupid fault - I got a digit wrong in the address.
I bought and sent it through coinbase, and I read through their help section, and it specifically stated there’s nothing they can do.
However, can I lie and claim it as being fraudulent? If so, what’s my best door to knock on? My bank? Coinbase? What would the investigation look like on their end? Could they easily prove it was a mistake on my end?
Is there another route I could take or am I fucked?
Thanks for your help.
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Can someone tell me about Bitcoin addresses. I have one on Coinbase. Ledger want it so they can do Affiliate payouts. Still learning. What can people gather, learn, do with my Bitcoin Coinbase Receive Address?

It’s a massive long chain of letters and numbers and also it’s a QR code.
Is this ONLY for receiving?
Or can people scan my balance too with this? I am assuming money can never be taken from me with this of course.
Thank you!
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Scammer got my address.... Please help what to do (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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May have sent Bitcoin to an unverified address on my Ledger, now what?

Pretty straight forward, I think I accidently copied the address from ledger live and sent Bitcoin to it, but forgot to verify it on my Ledger device.
Can see the transaction on the blockchain, but don't see the Bitcoin in my Ledger Live.
Any thoughts?
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Huge critic here please excuse my autism. Can we have physical bitcoin? This would shit on the dollar as the " I can't hold it so its fake" argument would die. What if we just wrote the address on back of the physical coins?

I mean how would we verify them? How would we prevent theft? Would people like the idea? Seems most modern folks just like to swipe a card anyway.
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07-11 14:16 - 'What I do. / I buy my Bitcoin on a KYC exchange. / On my Monero Cake wallet, I exchange Bitcoin to Monero. The Mondero Cake wallet has integrated ChangeNow functionality. / You have to send your Bitcoin to an Bitcoin address cr...' by /u/Akahura removed from /r/Bitcoin within 77-87min

What I do.
I buy my Bitcoin on a KYC exchange.
On my Monero Cake wallet, I exchange Bitcoin to Monero. The Mondero Cake wallet has integrated ChangeNow functionality.
You have to send your Bitcoin to an Bitcoin address created by ChangeNow and they will send Monero to your Cake Wallet.
I created a Samourai Bitcoin wallet.
On my Monero cake wallet, I exchange some Monero to Bitcoin, and let them directly be sent to my Samourai wallet.
I will never use this Samourai wallet for Bitcoin payments that are linked to my identity.
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I want to add my bitcoin address for donation on my website. But with every transaction, my wallet address changes. What's the solution for it?

The wallets claim that previous addresses are reusable but it was not the case with me. Someone sent me transactions on the same address twice. I received the first one but I didn't receive the second one on the same address.
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I used an old receiving address to send my bitcoin. Now what?

So I just purchased some bitcoin from coinmama and accidentally sent them to an address on my electrum wallet I used about 3 weeks ago. Now my transaction is stuck in "processing". Are my bitcoins forever gone? In coinmamas support page it says that if you use an incorrect address the coins cannot be retrieved. So now what do I do or is there nothing i can do? I appreciate any help. Thanks.
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noob question. new tremor with a tiny amount of bitcoin in it. what is the address that's holding my bitcoin that i can view on a bitcoin block explorer? to receive bitcoins on my trezor i have multiple addresses, pretty much a new one ever transaction. which one is holding my bitcoin?

noob question. new trezor with a tiny amount of bitcoin in it. what is the address that's holding my bitcoin that i can view on a bitcoin block explorer? to receive bitcoins on my trezor i have multiple addresses, pretty much a new one every transaction. which one is holding my bitcoin?
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Scammer. Okay what you say I'm not going to send you dick pics for Bitcoin man Predator while you are crippled Jesus who's sent Bitcoin transactions to addresses these remaining since 2013 you can't send a transaction and then wants to take pics for it oh my gosh leave me alone

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I have a bunch of visa/mastercard gift cards that have a few dollars here and there on them. What's the easiest way of transferring those funds to my bitcoin address?

I have like 5 or 6 visa/mastercard gift cards that I got over the years, and there's a few dollars on many of them that I don't want to throw in the trash. I mean some have like $3.50, another has $1.86, so just tiny amounts, but hey money is money. I use for my wallet, and it wont let me buy on their website (I'm in Canada, not sure why I can't). Anyways, I was looking for the following:
Any suggestions?
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Bitcoin Addresses confusion - ledger live/Nano S

Theres some confusion as to what my Bitcoin addresses represent as seen on Ledger Live. Can anyone explain? Let me give you an example. (Trading was via Bittylicious). I can also see these addresses on the blockchain via Ledger Live so this is presumably public information.
FIRST ever transaction: I bought 0.015 BTC and needed an address to receive it. Ledger Live created one, beginning 3HZA... I entered that address manually (not pasting) into the Bittylicious buy form, paid, and sure enough received 0.015 BTC into my Ledger Live account (on desktop, with no mobile phone involvement). Looking at the address shown by this amount as shown in Ledger Live though, it is shown as 3BnN...
Checking on the blockchain link shows the 3BnN... is on the left side, described as the 'Previous Output Address' of the sender. My 0.015 BTC is shown on the right side, listed under the 3HZA... address I provided at the start, and the amount is 'unspent'.
(Below this entry is another box addressed as 3FWQ... and is marked as 'spent'. This I understand is the 'change' in bitcoin that the seller is returning to himself, and the numbers do add up. But that is beside the point).
My question is, what is the identity address of my 0.015 BTC, should I ever want to transfer or spend it? Is it now 3BnN...? Or is it the original 3HZA... I used to order the payment in the first place, since that was the destination to send this payment to?
There is another thing which Im not properly clear about. While the above transaction was taking place and this BTC was starting its confirmation count on the blockchain, I read that you should wait for at least 6 confirmations (with BTC) before accepting the payment. How do you 'accept' payment? This is where Im confused again. I see no button that says 'accept payment', and after 6 confirmations were made on the blockchain, the entry in Ledger Live changed from 'Not Confirmed' to 'Confirmed'. But at the time I thought I had to 'Validate' these confirmations on Ledger Live. Since my Nano was plugged into the desktop I pressed 'Receive' and brought up the panel on Live, and proceeded to 'validate' an address. I was expecting to see 3ZHA... come up on desktop Live. but the address was a new one: 3H4P... However it was exactly the same as the address now flashing across the Nano screen - 3H4P... - so I thought this couldnt be a desktop hack or the Nano would not say the same address). I didnt press 'copy' or 'paste'on this validation panel or scan the square code with a mobile, but was relying on the Nano screen to show the same address as seen on Ledger Live, which it did.
With hindsight I think I unnecessarily created a new address (3H4P...). But did I complete the 0.015 BTC trade properly? As said before I never copied or pasted the 3H4P address anywhere while the above trade was underway.
SECOND ever transaction: I used the above 3H4P... address when buying some more BTC via exactly the same method. The BTC arrived and confirmed OK and shows on blockchain as unspent, but once again the address shown on Ledger Live by this latest purchase is not 3H4P... but a completely new address, once again described on blockchain as the senders 'Previous Output Address'. Is this normal?
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Please make it clear. For example, I and some second person have opened a LN channel (so I sent my bitcoins to an address starting with bc1). What happens if some 3nd person sends their bitcoins to the same address. What will be the distribution of money beween me and the second person.

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They are not being thieved, that's what people suddenly make of it. Nobody in this subreddit understands economic principles, let's be clear about that. You didn't address my points neither. Thank God nobody in this subreddit has anything to do with macroeconomics nor does anyone hold a responsible job in finance. They would ruin the economy in less than 24 hours.
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What are the odds of getting your first name inside of an Exodus autogenerated Exodus Wallet? Because my friend got his name "david" in his Bitcoin address....

I am only posting this address to prove this to you guys, not begging, i am genuinely interested in knowing the Odds of this and whether this should be used as a news story to promote Bitcoin and educate people on the Math Behind it...and we can PROVE he used Exodus and didn't use a vanity name generator, he hasn't ever used those and he is not the type to waste time doing something like this, hes got a real life to take care of and family and its like, ... hah.. I just want to make sure yu all realize we can prove this is from an exodus wallet and not from a vanity generator... I mean what are the odds that all 5 letters of his name show up consecutively?
My friend, whose name is david, Got his Exodus bitcoin address the normal regular way like everyone else, he just downloaded Exodus, opened up the bitcoin wallet and that was the address he was given, his Bitcoin Address with his name "david" in it, and it was an exodus address...
It was not a vanity address and he can prove it, so this is just very unsettling, this has to be the first time this has ever happened right?
what are the odds of this with around 1,461,501,637,330,902,918,203,684,832,716,283,019,655,932,542,976 posible bitcoin addresses according to
Is this a sign from God or Time Travelers? :D Like really I know the odds must be a Google Plex to 1 so how is this even possible? Did he just win the probability Lottery?
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I have a bunch of visa/mastercard gift cards that have a few dollars here and there on them. What's the easiest way of transferring those funds to my bitcoin address?

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what if my bitcoin cash address?

the address I have to give to sites that sell bitcoins so they make it into my wallet?
on Electrum if I go to wallet information is it the master public key? The 30-character long string of numbers and lower-case letters?
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Bitcoin Test Order + "How do I get Bitcoin?"

Update: Bitcoin is fully accepted now.
Bitcoin is a very good method of payment, and for most countries, it is easy to get Bitcoin.
I have done some research recently, and checked reviews of Bitcoin service providers, so that I can suggest services that will let you get Bitcoin easily.
  1. If your country is supported, is excellent, because you can get Bitcoin from their website easily with your card. So far the lowest fees we have seen. Countries supported to buy Bitcoin from CoinBase:
90% of our customers use CoinBase. You might get a limit of $100 on Coinbase, if you need to increase your limit check Most of our customers just need to upload a photo of their ID to be able to buy more than $100 Bitcoin.
  1. is excellent. They support the most amount of countries to buy Bitcoins via card and bank transfer. Possibility of high fees compared to other service based on previous customer's experience.
  2. You can also check if you want to buy Bitcoins with cash in a store, if you do not have a card.
  3. is also another website which you can buy Bitcoins with your card.
  4. Another option is This website allow you to buy from trusted people locally. Most popular method is bank transfer, cash meet up and sometimes Paypal.
Still not sure?? Huge list here!!:
How to order from me with Bitcoin??
Just add me on Skype and tell me which shoes you want as usual, then tell me you want to pay with Bitcoin. I will tell you how much Bitcoin to send me and what my Bitcoin address is..
After I have confirm that I received the Bitcoin, I will process your order as usual.. :)
Important: My Bitcoin address will always change due to security measures by my provider. Always make sure that you are talking to the right Skype account. Username is in the sidebar!
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I’ve added my Bitcoin Wallet address, but the balance I’ve made in NiceHash isn’t showing up. What gives?

I’ve added my receiving address from my Electrum Bitcoin Wallet, but I have no funds
(I am new to mining)
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I've downloaded all of bitcoin core and sent bitcoin to my address. What do I have to do to set up a mnemonic private key and how do I back it up?

I can't imagine I have to back up the whole blockchain on a second device.. ??
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What is my bitcoin address? - YouTube How to find your bitcoin wallet address on - YouTube How to find your bitcoin wallet address on ... Coinbase - How to Find your Bitcoin wallet address - YouTube Where Is Cash App Bitcoin Wallet Address? 🔴 - YouTube

So to reword that, Tom will use his private key to access his bitcoin that’s recorded on his address/public key on the blockchain, by using his wallet software to send 0.1BTC to Jenny’s address where it will be stored on her address/public key ready to be sent out again. One last way to reword it: The public key/address is the equivalent of your email address. A Bitcoin address is a cornerstone to understand how the cryptocurrency is exchanged between two individuals as they essentially dictate the source and destination for a particular amount of bitcoin. For those new to the world of cryptocurrencies, a bitcoin address may seem a little confusing at first. Unlike a conventional bank account number, these addresses can include both numbers as well ... So now we have a Bitcoin address, what’s next? Let’s say that I want to get paid for something, say writing this article! I can advertise a Bitcoin address, and since you are all so thrilled to read this, you have an overwhelming urge to send me some coins. You would open up your Bitcoin wallet, enter my address as the address to send bitcoins to; click send; and I would happily receive ... Now that I have Matt’s brand-new, one-time Bitcoin address, I simply plug it into my own Bitcoin wallet when prompted during the sending process. It’s worth copy pasting the address – it ... Current Bitcoin Price; Current Weather; Current Bitcoin Price. Refresh The Price. Your IPV4 Address is:, Click To Copy Your IP: Select Language: What’s My IP Address Location? United States. Need to know the location of your ip address? We will show you the country of your IP address, and if available also show the city or province. Why would you need to know the ...

[index] [24672] [34207] [13647] [32006] [38480] [6266] [35501] [41537] [33503] [4741]

What is my bitcoin address? - YouTube

Where Is Cash App Bitcoin Wallet Address? __ Try Cash App using my code and we’ll each get $5! SFGQXGB$AnthonyCashHere __ Price Check: https... If you want to find out more about the tools we have for cryptocurrency investors in our Masters area, see video here: Also try: ... This video explains how to log into and get your Bitcoin Wallet Address in the Coinbase online wallet system. This video is for users, and answers the following questions: - What is my bitcoin address? - Where do I find it? - How do people send me b... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.